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 Genelia 2 act with simbhu? Better don't

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PostSubject: Genelia 2 act with simbhu? Better don't   Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:47 am

As a fan of Genelia, i think Genelia shud reconsider 2 do a film with simbhu.Looking back 2 what happened 2 nayanthara, we all as a fan hv 2 express our opinion...the movie itself is in problem due 2 the egoistic actor(simbhu) which is oso the director of the a loyal fan of Genelia, i wish her 2 reject the movie which is being rejected by most of the heroines...Wish her best of luck n success on her future movies to come...
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Genelia 2 act with simbhu? Better don't
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